Step 1: choosing the right stick for your dog

Dental care starts with finding a stick that works for your dog. For example, smaller dogs need less to chew on. We recommend a small stick for dogs between 0-10kg, medium for 10-25kg and large sticks for 25+kg dogs. (You’ll find this guidance on our Doggy Dental packaging.) However, the size of the dental stick also depends on your dog’s chewing habits. If you feel like your dog isn’t getting enough chew from the stick, consider using a bigger one.

We don’t advise giving Doggy Dental to puppies who still have temporary teeth or senior dogs who have either loose teeth or have already lost a lot of teeth.

Our Doggy Dental comes in two delicious flavours: Crisp apple & Eucalyptus oil and Cool mint oil & Strawberry. Both recipes are plant-based, grain-free and low in calories. They also have the exact same effect, so it’s just a matter of what your dog prefers. Or what smell you want to have around the house 😉. Of course, you can also give both to your dog.

Edgard & Cooper full Doggy Dental range packshots.

 Step 2: creating a daily routine

Start off your day with a morning routine: while you clean your teeth, your dog could be cleaning theirs. Just like us, dogs need daily dental care for full effectiveness. One stick a day helps mop away bacteria before plaque can become tartar. Plus, a daily routine is a great way to bond with your dog.

Ideally, dental sticks are given after a meal - we recommend after breakfast. If you dog doesn’t have much appetite straight after they’ve eaten, leave a little time between breakfast and your morning routine. (Though, to be honest, we’re sure that won’t be necessary if your dog smells our Doggy Dental!) Our sticks are very low in calories, so no worries about weight gain - even when your dog has one every day. And just so you know: a dental stick is not like a treat that you give several times a day - just once is enough.

Dog chewing on Edgard & Cooper Doggy Dental stick.

Step 3: check it’s working for your dog

Of course, you want to make sure the stick is actually working for your dog. The secret to an effective dental stick is the chew time. Chewing generates saliva, which mops up the bacteria in your dog’s mouth. If your dog is actually chewing the stick for a relatively long time, you know it’s working. If your dog is eating the stick in 10 seconds, we recommend trying a bigger stick. We air dry our Doggy Dental to increase the chew time, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

One thing to know is that a dental stick is a preventative measure. That means it won’t solve an existing dental problem, and that you might not be able to see the effectiveness of the stick by eye. You can always ask your vet for a check-up to make sure your dog’s teeth are as healthy as possible.

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A final thing to keep in mind is how to store Doggy Dental. Correct storage is important, otherwise the sticks might lose some of their superpowers. Always close the packaging properly and store it in a cool and dry place, like a pantry or kitchen cupboard. Just like our other dry food, our Doggy Dental can be stored for 18 months when not opened.

Step 4: Clean teeth = happy dog

We can’t stress it enough: having a daily dental routine is key for having a happy dog. Eating and playing is so much more fun with strong, healthy teeth. And we’re sure you’ll appreciate the fresh smell coming from your pooch too. A stick to smile about!

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