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Doing good

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21 Apr. 2020

Top tips to reduce your Pet’s pawprint

With 73% of us saying we want to live more sustainably; we can’t forget to also think about...
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27 Feb. 2020

Can I compost dog or cat waste?

We can't ignore it: 840 million cats and dogs worldwide doing their business at least twice a day,...
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06 Feb. 2020

Feeding & treating 1000 stray dogs a week: the Marina Möbius story

Marina Möbius is the inspiring woman behind the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka. And we reckon she...
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19 Aug. 2019

Oletko luontoystävällinen lemmikin omistaja?

Maapallollamme elää 800 miljoonaa lemmikkiä, joiden yhteenlaskettu hiilitassunjälki on merkittävä. Hatunnosto kaikille, jotka tekevät hyvää luonnon puolesta. Teemme...
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03 Jun. 2019

How the Dog Care Clinic gives stray dogs a second life

Did you know only 1 in 10 pets has a roof over their head? It's something that keeps...
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