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04 Sep. 2021

Our New Charity Partners - Mayhew, Georgia and People For Animals, India

The Edgard & Cooper Foundation are donating €199,015 to Mayhew International and €60,000 to People For Animals, India. We’re super proud to announce...
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28 May. 2021

Great News - All of Our Bags Can Now Go in Your Paper Recycling!

We’ve long been champions of Mother Nature here at Edgard & Cooper, and we’re on a mission to...
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27 Apr. 2021

Edgard & Cooper Foundation donates €188,864 to new charity partner Human Society International

“I’m super proud to announce that the Edgard & Cooper Foundation has agreed a 3rd charity partner, pledging...
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22 Apr. 2021

Meet our NEW all-paper packaging

Packaging. It’s on everybody’s lips right now. We all know the negative impact that packaging can leave on...
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05 Mar. 2021

Mayhew International: Meet the people who are transforming the lives of street dogs in Kabul, Afghanistan

Today, the people of Kabul are working with the Mayhew International team in Kabul to help create a...
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10 Feb. 2021

We've committed to Science-Based Targets! Find out why they're so important

We’re on a mission to make pet food that you, your pet and the planet can feel good...
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04 Dec. 2020

The Edgard & Cooper Foundation’s charity partner is saving lives by eradicating rabies - starting in Kabul

We’re thrilled to announce that the Edgard & Cooper Foundation is now supporting Mayhew International, an incredible charity...
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14 Sep. 2020

How we’re going to achieve 100% ethical sourcing of our ingredients

The global demand for cheap meat has led to factory farming. Animals reared for meat production don’t have...
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14 Sep. 2020

How we want to reduce our environmental impact by 2025

Over the last few decades, the Earth’s average temperature has risen sharply due to human activities. If the...
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14 Sep. 2020

Why we’re stepping up our sustainability commitment

Sustainability has always been part of who we are - from our planet-friendly packaging to our organic recipes....
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28 Jul. 2020

How the Dog Care Clinic used our €98,449 donation?

Through the Edgard & Cooper Foundation, we pledge 1% of our sales to support charities that are creating...
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10 Jul. 2020

5 things every pet needs to feel good

Ever heard of the 5 Freedoms? They’ve been the basis of animal welfare since the 60’s. This set...
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09 Jul. 2020

Why we’re changing our charity donations to 1% of our sales

At Edgard & Cooper, we’ve always believed it is both a duty and an honour to give something...
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27 Feb. 2020

Can I compost dog or cat waste?

We can't ignore it: 840 million cats and dogs worldwide doing their business at least twice a day,...
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06 Feb. 2020

Feeding & treating 1000 stray dogs a week: the Marina Möbius story

Marina Möbius is the inspiring woman behind the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka. And we reckon she...
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19 Aug. 2019

6 tips to become a sustainable pet owner

So many of us want to live more sustainably, but what about our furry four-legged friends and their...
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03 Jun. 2019

How the Dog Care Clinic gives stray dogs a second life

Did you know only 1 in 10 pets has a roof over their head? It's something that keeps...
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