say yes to incredible vegetables!

Complete, balanced and totally yummy. Plant-based recipes your dog would choose.

Edgard & Cooper - plant-based
Edgard & Cooper - plant-based

Dogs are omnivores

Let's be honest, when was the last time you saw your pooch hunt and catch their own dinner?

Dogs have been our loyal companions for thousands of years, and their needs have evolved with ours. Which explains why they're pretty relaxed about what they eat - meat, fish, plants or your slippers.

Born to eat veg

Nutritious veggies

Dogs can get all the nutrients they need from plants. By bringing together the right combination of fresh veggies, grains, fruit, legume and oils, we create complete and balanced recipes.

No meat? No problem!
Edgard & Cooper - plant-based

It feels good to have more choice

We believe in the superpowers of fresh veg and healthy fruit. So in our quest to bring you and your dog even more choice, we've created our first plant-based recipes!

Crunchy beetroot & pumpkin

Crispy carrot & courgette

Do veg your way

Simply combine with their favourite meaty recipes or go full veggie*. You can’t go wrong.

*If you are switching 100% to plant-based, we recommend a 4 day transition period.

Edgard & Cooper - plant-based

Planet-friendly choice

Compared to our meat-based recipes, our plant-based kibbles create 43% less carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions. Great for the planet, and great for your dog too!

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Plant-based is a planet-friendly choice